1st week on WW!

My first week on WW was really good. Going back felt right at the time and I still agree 100%. The minute I left the meeting, I was already planning what I would keep around to snack on, have for meals, etc… It’s funny how lack of structure caused me to forget all the wonderful foods and recipes I enjoyed while on WW. It was just easier to eat whatever was handy, quick, and easy. Ultimately, those choices packed on the pounds.

I weighed in Friday morning and was so happy when I saw I lost 3.6 pounds. The best thing, I didn’t feel deprived once all week. And ironically, when we went out to dinner Friday night, I enjoyed a great meal (steak, shrimp, salad, rice pilaf) and had no guilt. I chose not to have Cold Stone because it felt good to make that choice. That was a hard one, but I am so glad I didn’t have one. It’s all about choices.

I am making my garden vegetable soup for the week now, it smells so good cooking. I am looking forward to another good week. Remember how I was afraid I’d have to get on the scale if I joined WW? Well now I can’t wait to get on the scale. It’s a great feeling to take good care of myself, and a long time coming.


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