I walked into WW this morning feeling good about myself, not really worried about what the scale would say, still happy about yesterday’s ah-ha moment. I stepped up on the scale and when i saw that I was down another 1.4 lbs., I was ecstatic. If I had stayed the same or even gained, I would have been fine, again thanks to yesterday. But, to have another loss, 3 weeks in a row, is so wonderful. In the last 3 weeks, I am down 5.4 lbs. – this is HUGE for me.

Week 13
Weight: 153.6 lbs.
Total loss to date: 12.2 lbs.

I am just 3.8 lbs. from hitting my 10%. So stinkin’ close…

It’s amazing how motivating it is to continue to lose weight. I am doing something right – it’s working. The last 4 years of struggling with my weight has finally taken a turn. I am not stupid enough to think this is the last battle I will have with my weight, it will be a lifelong battle. But if I can fight this battle and come out winning after all I’ve been through in the past 4+ years, then I am pretty sure I can do just about anything.

3 years ago when I started to gain my previously lost WW weight back, I didn’t think it would get back up so high, even higher than my starting weight last time. But it did. And with every pound higher it went, I lost a little bit more of my strength and desire to even try to do something about it. I just did not have it in me. I am thankful I had the courage to finally face it and go back to something I know works for me.

I wish I could share my excitement about this journey with my dad. I mean, I do… I talk to him and tell him and I know he knows. But goodness, I wish I could hear him say what a great job I’m doing, like the last time. He would be proud, that I am sure of.

When I this week’s weight on WW eTools today, I was so pleased with the graph. My like my waist and clothes, the graph is showing a difference. I had to share it, so here it is…


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