Listen to your body

Normally I take Wednesday and Friday off as rest days. By the time Wednesday gets here, I am done and ready for a day of no running, walking, whatever. This week, today is that day. And it’s only Tuesday. I should be out running or walking right now, but honestly I don’t have it in me. And it’s hard to listen to my body when it’s telling me it needs a break.

I ran Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and yesterday evening. I felt great Saturday and Sunday and had great times (being the competitive person I am with myself). Yesterday, I could feel it in my legs. They were heavy and tired and sore, and it was a hard run. But I did it.

As I was driving home today, I thought about ignoring the little voice in my head that was saying “skip your run today and just relax”. I thought about getting home, changing quickly and getting out there to do it and get it over with. I’d be fine once I started. But when I walked into the house, I decided I was not going anywhere. Taking one day off won’t hurt. Right?! Or will it?

This is the part I struggle with. I am an all-or-nothing girl. Whatever I’m doing, I have to give it 150% or it’s not worth doing. The minute I start to slack, my thoughts start to stray. “Well, I skipped yesterday, may as well skip today”. You get the idea.

But it’s important to listen to our bodies. If my legs are heavy and sore and I’m tired, then it’s trying to tell me to ease off. The last thing I want to do it push myself and end up hurt or injured.

Taking a day off from time to time is not the end of the world. I will not instantly gain 5 pounds if I don’t run today. My eating habits won’t change overnight if I don’t run today. I won’t wake up tomorrow and decide I never want to run again because I didn’t run today. What it will do is make me feel better tomorrow. So today, I am listening to my body.

Listen to your body...


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