Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, our 2 year old mini Aussie, is such a little ham.

I remember when he came home with us, just 8 weeks old, just 5 pounds. He was so soft and sweet and cuddly.

From the moment I help him, he loved to snuggle, earning him one of many nicknames, Snuggleboy.

He is so very smart and loves to be taught new things.

He is the bossiest dog I have ever known, and the most vocal, earning him another nickname, Mr. Saucy Pants.

There are some days where he gets on every last nerve and I think how can such a small dog be such a challenge?

There are other days where he is such a big boy and is on his best behavior.

Then the next day I am reminded of what a little devil he is and hubby calls him Blucifer.

But at the end of the day, this 2 year-old little devil of ours is just being Blue.

I love him oodles, this little devil of ours.


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