True Confessions Tuesday

I know, I say this every week… Is it Tuesday again already? No getting around it, time to get on with my confessions…

  • I CONFESS that I want to eat everything in site right now. I am doing extremely well at not giving into this desire, but it’s hard. Picture this… On one shoulder is the good me, giving me the look that says “you have to weigh-in in 2 days, don’t blow it”. On the other shoulder sits Evil Bloated Woman who has been hovering for several days now. She’s telling me to ignore the voice of the good me and just eat. Seriously? Wasn’t she here last week when I did my confessions? She needs to go away. I don’t like her. In fact, I may have to change her name to Really Evil Bloated Woman.
  • I CONFESS that I am pretty darn proud of myself for running the past 2 mornings. This is not an easy thing for me to do. I value my time in the morning and don’t like to be rushed. When I run, I end up rushed. But man it feels great to have it done and over with before work. I don’t have to worry about doing it when I get home and making sure there’s time to do it. Plus, I am a much better runner in the morning when I am not tired from the day at work. Despite all the pros I could list for running in the morning, it is still a challenge to do it. That is why I am so proud of myself.
  • I CONFESS that I was not my best with sticking to my points over the weekend, especially when we went out to dinner Sunday for my brother’s birthday. We went to Hooters. I don’t care what anyone says, Weight Watchers or not, when I go to Hooters, I am having wings, fries, and beer. There is no getting around it. I will accept the guilt that may or may not follow, and move on.
  • I CONFESS that I seriously need to cut out my Starbucks habit. It’s not so much the calories of the drink I get, which is a grande soy latte, because I budget for those points. It’s the cost. Good Lord, it adds up. Seriously, I need to cut it out.
  • I CONFESS that I need to add some strength training into my routine. Running will only get me so far. The problem is, I so enjoy getting lost in my run and tuning things out and don’t really want to give up a run. But I need to.
  • I CONFESS that  I enjoy races WAY too much. I am already thinking about my next one, even if it’s just a 5K. The whole process of planning for it, the excitement of picking up my race bib before, going to sleep the night before one knowing what’s ahead, getting up the morning of and getting ready, crossing the start line and giving it my all, and the thrill of finishing and being acknowledged for my achievement, no matter what my place is. It’s addicting. If I give up 8 grande soy lattes from Starbucks, I can register for another race. Is it right to give up one addiction for another?
  • I CONFESS that my mind is a blur this past week and full of thoughts and anticipation of things to come. I am in meed of more information and a plan. I don’t do well with not knowing.

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I am a 40-year old wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, and dog-mom. I love running, walking, scrapbooking, reading, TV, Weight Watchers, spending time with the family, and being at home.

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  1. This is such clever post! I’m on the same page as you with Confession No. 1. But I caved and ordered the Pizza Hut dinner box the other night…opps! Hang in there!

  2. Those sound like some great confessions!! I have to agree – you can’t go to Hooters without eating wings and drinking beer!!

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