Start-Over Sunday

Finally, after a week since my last run, I got one in this morning. Time was a luxury that I just did not have this week and with the time change, the sun was coming up too late for me to squeeze a run in before work. This morning’s run was a reminder of how much I enjoy running in the morning, the beautiful sun, the rested feeling I have instead of the tired, dragging feeling I have after work, and the sound of the birds at the park. As I expect this week to be the same as last and expect there will not be a lot of running time, I made sure to enjoy every minute of this one.





This never gets old...


I have some paperwork to do today from last week, laundry, making slow cooker chicken for dinner, please-oh-please let there be time to read and take a nap, and I am going to get my snacks ready for the week. The more prepared I am for the week, the better I will be in rushed situations. The last couple of weeks, I have let my busy days influence my eating and it has not been the best.

So, I am considering this to be “Start-Over Sunday“. Drink more water, get back to healthy choices for my snacks, more protein and less carbs, be more accountable for my actions, track everything I eat, and to quit making excuses. If I can attempt to do this now, before tomorrow and the craziness of the week ahead, I may have a fighting chance.

How do you use your Sunday to prepare for the week ahead?


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