Things I am thankful for today…

  • Modern medicine and technology, and the positive outcome of my mom’s surgery today.
  • My amazing family for being at the hospital waiting for my mom and supporting each other as we all waited for what seemed to be an eternity. My hubby, Nick, Jenna, Jenni, Nile, and Darlene (who flew 3000 miles to be with us during this time). I love you all!
  • The family and friends who messaged, texted, or emailed me today to ask about my mom and to let me know she was in their thoughts and prayers  – thank you!
  • The wonderful personality of the volunteer in the waiting room, whose name I cannot remember. She was a hoot and had us laughing, all while making our “posse”, as she called us, feel at ease during our wait.
  • The care of a great surgeon and his time in calling me to discuss her surgery when he was done.
  • The game Draw Something for providing all of us with laughter and mindless entertainment as we took over the waiting room at the hospital.
  • The wonderful staff at Morton Plant Hospital. Despite our bad memories of the hospital and losing Daddy there, the hospital was then and was again today, wonderful in providing care and doing all they could to keep as informed and at ease while we waited.
  • And most of all, having the best mom in the whole world, who I love very much. I am so thankful for our close relationship. We are here to help you in your recovery over the next few weeks.

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I am a 40-year old wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, and dog-mom. I love running, walking, scrapbooking, reading, TV, Weight Watchers, spending time with the family, and being at home.

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