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Today I have the honor of having a fellow blogger share a little about herself on my blog! Be sure to stop in and say hi to her after you read this!
I would first like to thank Nanci for allowing me to do a post on her blog. Shes’s a peach 🙂
*Also, I am not a professional, I am just giving you my tips that could possibly help you. Always check with your doctor before starting weight loss.*

Hello everyone! My name is Molly and I blog over at Fluffy Girl. http://molly-fluffygirl.blogspot.com/ I started my journey about 3 years ago and I am still on it. I realized I needed to lose weight when I saw a picture of myself. I couldn’t believe how bloated I looked and how could I let myself get to that point.
Then I realized, it was that hard and it was easy to get to 231 pounds. I have been heavy all my life. I was the chubby kid growing up. I was the first grader you saw eating a Big Mac, super-sized fries and large diet coke. I was the kid hiding food under my pillow. But I was also something else. I was an athlete. I played every sport out there. Hell, gym class was my favorite time of the day. I was the kid all the boys would pick before anyone else. I was an amazing basketball player, power lifter and thrower in track and field. I was named MVP my senior year of high school out of all the girls.
My weight definitely held me back from being a good basketball player from a great one. I believe if I would have lost weight my senior year, I would have played D3 basketball somewhere. But I was selfish and didn’t want to accept the fact that I was overweight. All the signs were there, I didn’t want to change.
I went off to college and threw at a D3 school where you could walk on the track and field team. I decided it would help me become friends with others and give me something to do. I entered college at 215-220 pounds. I had a great freshman year in track. I made both indoor and outdoor conference and I back squatted 300 pounds. I gained weight throughout the season but didn’t think much off it.
When school was over and I was headed back home for summer, I continued to lift for track. I tweaked my back doing a push press lift and I struggled lifting heavy weights from then on. I went back to school, trying to lift and I literally couldn’t lift as much as I should be. I started getting second thoughts about track and ended up leaving at semester to switch schools and other personal reasons.
At this point in my life, I was under a lot of stress, depressed and 231 pounds. I hated myself and everything about me. I needed to change.
I started going to the gym. I would go on the elliptical or the treadmill. I incorporated light lifting into my workouts and sometimes I would do circuit workouts. I learned to eat better, I became a student of losing weight, I learned how to read food labels for the first time and I actually read the ingredients.
If you want to lose weight, you need to commit to a lifestyle change, not a diet. Yes, it sucked at first but as you eat these foods, you enjoy them for their taste. Plus, healthy food can taste just as good as non healthy food. Check out my friend Nathan’s blog, http://nathanalbert.wordpress.com/ and see the delish food he is eating and losing weight! When you force yourself to go to the gym, it becomes habit and you WANT to go to the gym. There are so many benefits to exercising. Seriously, do your body a favor and exercise!
Find a good support network. If you don’t have people supporting your decision to lose weight, then it will be hard. Having a great support network can help you keep yourself accountable. They can even possibly jump on board and workout with you! Blogging for me, was a great way to meet other people with the same goal in mind and to cheer you on and lift you up when you aren’t doing your best. Plus, it has helped me improve my writing skills tremendously. (My English teachers would be proud!)
I am 45 pounds down. I have still quite a bit more to lose, but I can honestly say that losing weight sucks but was hands down one of the best decisions I have made and stuck with. Some weeks will be better than others, but in the end it will be totally worth it.

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I am a 40-year old wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, and dog-mom. I love running, walking, scrapbooking, reading, TV, Weight Watchers, spending time with the family, and being at home.

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