Sunday in the kitchen: 04/29/12

The last few Sundays, I have enjoyed trying new recipes. I go grocery shopping early and then I have the day to make whatever delicious looking recipes I’ve saved. Today was no exception. I was in a real fruit and vegetable mood, plus I wanted to make something new and different for dessert. I remembered the recipe I had for Whoopie Pies in the WW recipe book I bought a few months ago. Off to the store I went. I spent alot of time in the produce section, and I bought enough to last the week. I bought asparagus, red cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes, red pepper, sweet potato, and onion. Good assortment that can be used in so many dishes or salads. I also bought a couple mangos and watermelon. As I always do when I get home from the store, I cut up the fruit. The easier it is for me to pull out of the fridge and eat, the more likely I am to eat it. The watermelon and mango looked soooo good! The mango was really ripe, which is how I like it. It has kind of a meaty texture to it and it was perfect.

Super sweet watermelon - great on a warm day.

Really ripe mango

After preparing the fruit, I decided to try the Whoopie Pie recipe. I just happened to have all the ingredients I needed since they are pretty basic. This recipe can be found in the Best Darn Food Ever recipe book that I purchased at my WW meeting. If you’d like me to email the receipe to you, let me know and I’ll be happy to do so. The batter for the cookie part of it was AMAZING. In my world, you have to eat some of the batter when you’re baking. I don’t care if it’s wrong.  Hubby really liked them, too, which means I will for sure make them again. A couple things about these…. the cookie part of it came out too big. I would have liked for them to be smaller, like the picture in the recipe. Also, I prepared them with the marshmallow fluff and put them in a cake tray with a lid, lined with wax paper, so they are all ready to eat. The marshmallow expanded and they are now a little on the messy side. I told hubby that next time we will add the marshmallow fluff when we are ready to eat them. I will, of course, only show you the amazing pictures of when they were first made. Not bad for my first time, huh? They really taste as yummy as they look and they are super easy to make.  

For dinner, I knew I was going to make something with the colorful veggies I bought today. I decided to make sauteed chicken and vegetables. I cut strips of boneless skinless chicken breast and sauteed it in some olive oil with salt and pepper. When that was done, I set it aside and added a little more olive oil to the pan. I cut up zucchini, mushrooms, white onion, and red pepper. When it was cooked just to the right tenderness, I added a little butter and minced garlic. Okay, ALOT of garlic. I also cooked some red cabbage in olive oil and vinegar for a side. My goodness, it all smelled so good. I made enough to have left-overs for lunch tomorrow. This meal was perfect enough, no other side orders were needed. Is it obvious from the pictures how much I love garlic?  

I find it really amusing that I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes so much. I used to be really afraid of cooking. And seriously, how do I possibly measure up to my mom’s cooking? She is the best cook ever! Maybe a little bit of that rubbed off on me. I am pretty proud of myself. 🙂


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  1. Hi from FMM. I know this isn’t your FMM post, but it’s definitely fitting with the theme. That fruit looks amazing, as does your dinner. (I’m not much of a dessert person, but I’m glad you liked the way it turned out).

    • Thanks Bella! It was all very good yesterday. And ironic considering today’s FMM post, which I just did. Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Food looks delicious! I’m loving the fruit and produce right now.

    I don’t think my brother has ever had a whoopie pie! Definitely something I can pack for him!

    • I haven’t had one in many many years so it was fun to make and eat. I really can’t believe how easy it was to make. I will share the recipe…

  3. I most definitely want the recipe for Whoopie Pies that you have. You chicken dish looks do good! Very attractive presentation.

  4. Your whoopie pies look awesome! And I’m with you on trying the batter 🙂

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