April Goal Recap

I don’t normally do 2 posts in one day, but I wanted to do an April Goal Recap before we start May tomorrow. Back on April 1, I did a post dedicated to April Goals. Reading it now, I wonder if it was real or an April Fools joke to myself. You can read the entire post here:  https://thiscrazylifeofmine2012.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/april-goals/ . You will probably be as amused as I am by it. Here is a run down on each goal and how I did.

Run at least 3 days a week.  Perhaps this one should have said run at least 3 times this month, that would have been more fitting. According to my Garmin, I walked or ran a total of 6 times the whole month, plus the one day I did on the treadmill. This is so unacceptable it’s not even funny.

Try one new recipe a week.  I rocked this one. Done.

Keep myself a priority.  Since I did not stick to my run at least 3 days a week goal, I clearly did not keep myself a priority. I will say that some of it was out of my hands given the situation with our dog Blue and I had to be home for a good bit of it. But, still.

Run a 5K event this month.  Major fail. I so badly wanted to do the Irongirl 5k, but I was unable to due to vet bills. It really really stinks being a respnsible adult, but my boy Blue had to come first.

Get back on track with tracking. Ha! Can you hear me laughing? Not only did I not get back on track with tracking, I stopped tracking. I am still in the land of confusion on that one. I am fighting the need to track every single day and I don’t know where that is going to get me.

Try to get some strength training in. Nope, not so much. I can even pretend that I did this.

Lose 5 pounds. I have not been on the scale in 3 1/2 weeks so I don’t think I’ve lost 5 pounds. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since I last weighed in at WW and I do not have a scale at home.

Achieving 1 out of 7 goals is better than 0 out of 7, right? And how funny is it that I achieved the one that is food related?! I think it’s hilarious. But, all joking aside, I am enjoying the trying one new recipe a week goal and I will continue to do that. You can never have to many yummy go-to meals.

Do you set monthly goals for yourself? Do you think it helps or hurts your progress?


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  1. I’ve never done monthly goals, but even if you only meet 1 of them, it’s a neat way to try to stay focused on your priorities. I bet as you have more months of setting monthly goals, you’ll see yourself sticking to them more, though there always will be outside things that can change priorities unexpectedly for a little while.

  2. Great job setting your new month’s goals! I do something similar but it’s a general idea of what I want to aim to do. It never varies much haha!

    • Yea, April was the first time I really wrote them out like that. May might be a little different but my goals will always have them same theme to them, lol.

  3. Nanci I returned to tracking today too – get ‘er done!

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