Bloody eye!

What a way to start the week…. I looked in the mirror this morning and saw a bright red bloody eyeball looking back at me. It really freaked me out! It is not cool to see blood in your eye. I got as close to the mirror as possible and opened my eye as wide as I could to try and figure out what the heck was going on. I even touched my eyeball to see if the blood came off. It did not.

I went and looked at my pillow to see if there was blood on it and there was not. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? How does one wake up with blood in their eyeball and not know where it came from?

Normally I would consult Dr. Google but I was too freaked out about the blood in my eye to even try that, deciding if it told me I had a brain tumor or something like that, I would freak out even more. So instead, I went to the eye doctor when they opened. As if the blood in my eye was not bad enough, I made the decision to not wear eye make-up to avoid further irritation. I rarely go out of the house without eye make-up so I’m not sure if the no make-up or the blood was worse.

I had my mom go with me in case they had to do anything weird. Good thing she went with me because they had to dilate my eyes. They checked my eyes, did the irritating thing with the puff of air in each eye (the anticipation of that is awful) and then they dilated my eyes, informing me that the eye that was bleeding was going to burn when they put the drops in. GREAT. Thanks for the heads-up.

After careful inspection of my eye with a bright light thingy that I was sure was going to blind me, I was reassured that I was going to live and that this is fairly common. It’s called a subconjunctival hemorrhage, basically a broken blood vessel. It can be caused by coughing, sneezing, lifting something heavy, straining, rubbing your eyes, and more. He said mine was a pretty “good” one, likely with the help of the sinus pill I took Saturday and the wine I enjoyed last night – both of which thinning my blood. (On a side note… my dad had a similar thing happen to him several years ago and because he was on blood thinners at the time, it was literally bleeding down his face. Very scary.)

It will take several days to clear up and could very well look worse before it looks better. Things I am NOT supposed to do include drinking alcohol (damn!), taking any medication such as aspirin/Tylenol/Aleve, heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, etc… The real kicker is that I should sleep on the same side that the hemorrhage is on otherwise it will look much worse just from blood flow. How in the world will I keep myself from sleeping on my left side?

I have drops to put in many times a day to keep my eyes moist. It feels a little funky and looks even funkier. It is BRIGHT red. Wanna see? Here it is…..


bloody eye


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  1. Oh sorry you are having to go through that…it looks bad. Hope it gets back to white fast!

  2. I managed to read all of this post even though it was about blood in the eye which grosses me out, I have a problem with eyes. I remember when my dad had that in fact he has had it a couple of times and each time I had a problem looking at him as it just grossed me out so much………….lol

  3. It’s very scary when something is going on with your eyes! We take our sight for grandted until we think it may be comprimised. The first time I had an ocular migraine, I freaked! So glad you’re gonna be okay!!! 🙂

  4. Oh Ick! That’s worse than I imagined. Really think I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that. But of course I had to look!

  5. I had this happen in college and I was freaked out too. It cleared up in a week or two but I wish I could have sped up the process.

    Hope you have a wonderful week regardless of that!

  6. ouch! good thing it isn’t painful b/c it certainly looks it. good idea to have it checked out.

  7. I have had that before. For me they are always after a long night of adult beverages and I end up popping blood vessels in my eye when I am leaning over a toilet. Sorry for the visual.

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