Life is crazy

When I started my blog and decided on a name, I knew that it was perfect. My life is crazy and it just seems to get crazier. This week has been an insanely busy one for me, all work related. By the time I get home and make it through the whole dinner and dishes thing, I’m DONE, hence my lack of posts. I’ve been all over the place every day this week except today. So, I decided to take my snuggle boy Blue to work with me. Nothing like mid-day puppy snuggles to make me smile.

My mom and I work together out of her home so it’s the best scenario for me to take the boys to work. I don’t bring Ozzie as much because he is more anxious. But Blue, well he loves the ride, and loves being out and about.
Since Blue has been stuck in the cone of shame while his wounds take forever to heal, I decided to try and go without today. It’s a Christmas miracle that he hasn’t had the cone on since 8am this morning and he’s hardly bothering the wounds. This makes me so happy! It would be fabulous if he could sleep without the cone tonight. Poor thing tries so hard to snuggle with us despite the cone and we get knocked in the head with it.

Blue has been such a snuggly, happy boy today which has made for fun pictures on Instagram (one of my many obsessions).

I am posting this from my phone as we take a drive south so hopefully the photos post okay… The last two pictures I snapped mid-post. Technology is a wonderful thing!

Till next time…












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  1. He is SO cute! Love his eyes! πŸ™‚

  2. What a great looking dog that last shot has him with a look that says what the hell are you doing……………

  3. Super precious! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week πŸ™‚

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