Signed up!

I finally did it, signed up for what will be my second half-marathon. The Women’s Half Marathon will be in St. Petersburg on November 18th.

I am excited for many reasons. First, I know what to expect this time. When I did my first half, the Rock ‘N Roll, in February, I was all nerves. I went into it unsure of how it would be, could I do it, and would I have fun. Now that I know what to expect and remembering how much I loved it, I am very excited. I knew the minute I finished my first one, that even though I was extremely sore, I was definitely going to do another one.

I am also excited to try and beat my previous time. When I signed up for my first one, I guesstimated it would take me 3:30. I ended up doing it in 3:11:33. This next time, I would be a very happy girl if I could come in just under 3:00. As in 2:59:59 would be fabulous. I never claim to a fast runner and to be honest, I don’t know that I can ever run the entire time. But I’m okay with that. I will run most of it.

Another reason to be excited is that the route for this one is very similar to the last one. Going through downtown St. Petersburg and then along the water, it was very pretty.

Of course, I have to start training soon. I will have to find a way to work around the heat, whether it be early morning runs or later in the evening. I want to give this my all!

I am so excited – and proud of myself – knowing that this girl who used to hate to run and swore she would only run if she was being chased, will run a second half-marathon in the same year. Go me!!



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  1. Good luck with training! You will knock it out of the park 😉

  2. Good on you way to go not something I would be able to do except in my dreams while I am asleep in my nice warm bed…………

  3. WTG lady!!! I’m very proud of you and a little more than jealous! Sure wish I were doing this one with you too! You are going to do great and I’ll be cheerin’ for ya!!

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