45 years ago today…

45 years ago today, my mom and dad were married in Long Beach, California. My mom was young, just 17 when they married, and my dad was 34. My dad had an Italian restaurant at the time and this was how my mom learned to be the most amazing cook ever. It would be 5 years before I was born, the first of 4 kids. The life they had, and the family they made, is the epitome of marriage. My mom took care of my dad, and my mom was my dad’s whole world. She took care of him and he never failed to support his wife and children, all while sitting in a wheelchair. They loved each other deeply. It may not have always been easy, and there were certainly struggles along the way, but they stuck together through it all.

They were married 43 years when my dad passed away. They lived a lifetime together in those 43 years – 4 kids, 3 grandchildren, many moves, many businesses, and a whole lot of love. I know that Daddy is celebrating up in heaven today and looking down on my mom. And my mom is thinking very much about Daddy today and all the fun times they had over the years. Thank you Mommy and Daddy, for loving each other and taking care of each other. We have very big shoes to fill…







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  1. Love the photos and what a wonderful story my parents have been married 52 years this year and they are still in love and happy together, I think it is great to read about marriages that have stood the test of time………..

  2. I love this story about your parents! I think it’s such a great thing when the children can see their parents love each other and make each other a priority. So many marriages nowadays fall apart on a whim. I know I learned a lot about my parents’ marriage especially during the rocky parts. I knew what I wanted in my relationship and what I wanted in a partner.

    Happy Anniversary to your Parents! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Ps. GREAT JOB WITH BOOT CAMP!

    • Thank you, Grace. It is a great story. I know my mom misses my dad every day, and even more on this day, they had so many wonderful memories together.

  3. What an awesome story! Wow- huge age difference, but love is love! 🙂

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