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I’m going to Bootcamp!

I’m packing my bags, and I’m getting ready to head out on an 8-week journey! Well, not really. I don’t have to leave my house for this bootcamp, but I am looking forward to the journey.

Earlier last week, I read about Best Body Bootcamp 2 on one of the many blogs I follow. When I saw that it was an at-home bootcamp, it really caught my attention. I do not belong to a gym and a personal trainer is not in my budget. However, if I can get guidance, support, and motivation by way of email and support group online, along with a little friendly competition, I am in! I also think I found this at just the right time, as this will help me get my strength training in as I start my half-marathon training.




You can read all about the best Body Bootcamp here. It is put on by Tina with Best Body Fitness. She has a great website, full of information. And what do I like best? She is a real person who has had her own struggles. I am always drawn to people who have fought their own battles and have come out on the other side. And when they use their success and knowledge to help other people, well that’s a wonderful thing.

As with any new fitness routine, I had some questions and I emailed Tina. She graciously answered my questions, mostly related to how the bootcamp would work with my half-marathon training. She was very thorough and full of information and let me know that I could adapt the bootcamp to my needs during my training. I appreciate the fact that she allows for flexibility. When I finished reading her reply, I knew I was going to sign up.

As a bonus to getting back into a real fitness routine, besides the walking and running that I love, there is the added temptation of cash prizes. I like a little friendly competition. Whether I am a lucky winner of a cash prize or not, I will still come out ahead of where I am now. And this will be another way for me to be #FitFluential!!

Bootcamp starts on next Monday 07/23 thru Sunday 09/16. I look forward to blogging about it throughout.

Would any of you like to join me at Bootcamp? There is still time to sign-up! Be sure to go here for more information. If you sign up, be sure to let me know!




Fitness At Home

I saw this on Pinterest today. Fitness at home. It seems like the perfect thing to do on the days I don’t walk or run. No equipment is needed, just me, myself, and I. I’m going to give it a shot, are you?

By the way, do you go on Pinterest? Oh my goodness, it can be a real obsession. So many fun, creative, neat, inspirational, yummy, exciting things on there that you can “pin” on your boards. Can be perfect for party planning, gift giving, home decorating, meal planning and more. I highly recommend you check it out. You have to have an invitation to it, so if you’d like one, leave me a note in a comment and I’ll send you one!

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