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Shiny new appliances!

A week and a half ago, our washer died. I thought we’d be able to get it fixed under our home warranty, but it turns out it’s not covered (neither is the dryer). I contemplated trying to get it fixed, but I’m sure we would have spent $200 – $300 by the time we had someone come look at it, etc… So we decided we’d look for a new washer. Here’s the problem… In my world, the washer and dryer need to match. When hubby and I moved in together, my mom and dad bought us a washer and dryer for our apartment. A nice pretty Maytag set, so white and clean. I loved them. And for 12 years, they’ve served us well. Hubby, knowing I wasn’t going to be happy with a mismatched washer, said we should buy a new set. Yay! If he was okay with it and we could make it work, I was happy.

We shopped around Friday night and Saturday – Home Depot, HH Gregg, Best Buy, and Lowe’s. Prices were pretty similar everywhere, but the selections varied. I knew that I did NOT want the front loaders. I am not a fan of them, they’re too much, there are too many bells and whistles that I don’t need. I don’t want to have to wash my washer and keep the door open when I’m not using it, etc… Too much. I just want to be able to wash and dry my clothes. And if we can do so a little more economically than before thanks to newer technology, it’s a bonus.

So, we looked at top loader washers. Some still have the agitators, but most do not. I also wanted a dry with a “hamper” door that opens down, rather than to the side. Seems simple, but it’s a nice feature.

We finally decided on a really nice Whirlpool set in a really nice color called Chrome Shadow. The washer does not have the agitator, so it will use less water and will be gentler on the laundry. Also, the new washers spin faster, getting more of the water out. This means when you dry them, they won’t take as long to dry. So, less water and less dry time = more energy efficient.

It’s been a long week and a half without a working washer here. Fortunately, I’ve been able to do our laundry at my mom’s, but that’s a pain taking laundry with me. Thank you, Mommy, for letting me use your washer and dryer!

So now, we have a nice, shiny new washer and dryer. I am super excited about doing laundry now. Weird, huh?

washer dryer 1

washer dryer 2

washer dryer 3