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This started out for me…

I started this blog for me. I love to write and share my thoughts, ideas, and more. I use it as a way to be accountable to myself on this journey. I like to share photos and more. For me, it is a source of journaling.

I started my blog after reading and following a couple and I realized how fun it would be to have my own. Any goals I had for my blog were directly aimed at ME. I was doing it for me.

In the last week, I’ve heard from two people who have told me that I’ve motivated them to do something. This makes me feel great. To think that something I do for myself is helping or motivating someone else is like icing on the cake. To think that the words I share on this blog inspires someone else is fabulous. And even moreso, it motivates me to keep up with what I’m doing.

I hope that as I continue on this journey I continue to be an inspiration to you!



After 6 weeks back on WW, I hit 10 pounds today – 10.2 pounds to be exact. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. What has it taken to get to this point?

  • Being mindful of what I eat MOST days. I am not perfect everyday. I have my little splurges, and I don’t feel guilty when I do.
  • Make the best choices I can whether at home or out. There are plenty of options and if you are not afraid to ask for something to be cooked or prepared a specific way, you can absolutely eat healthy just about anywhere.
  • When in doubt about what I’m eating, if I’m unsure of the actual points, I add an extra point. Better safe than sorry.
  • Use my extra weekly points. As silly as it sounds, it’s important to use up every one of the 49 extra points on top of the 26 daily points. You would think that by using fewer points, I would lose weight quicker. Not the case. Especially the more active I am.
  • Drink ALOT of water. In my world, there is no such thing as too much water.
  • Be creative when cooking. When I am not on WW, I eat whatever is fast and easy. When I’m on WW, I take more time on food planning, preparation, and cooking. I enjoy the process. I like coming up with a recipe that is low in points, delicious, and filling. I eat a lot more fruits and veggies when on WW and I enjoy them.
  • I only get on a scale once a week, at WW. In my OCD-world I live in, being the all or nothing girl that I am, I cannot get on a scale during the week. I can’t have one at home. I would get on it every day. And in my world, my weight can fluctuate by 3, 4, or 5 points in a day. The scale at WW, once a week, works for me.
  • Go to the meetings. In the 6 weeks I’ve been back on WW, I’ve had to miss 2 meetings and I miss them when I do. By listening to other members talk about the same struggles I have, it is comforting. We are all there for the same reason – to make better choices and to enjoy the journey. It’s not always easy, but when you are in it together, it really helps.
  • Be active. I am a firm believer in being active, Find something you like and do it. Running, walking, Zumba, tennis, TaeBo, etc… Just do it. If I were to do WW only and just try to lose weight by changing my eating habits, I would not be as successful. It’s a team effort between the healthy choices and being active.

I still have a long road ahead of me to get to my goal, but the 10 pounds I have lost will go along way to keeping me motivated and doing the best that I can. I already feel better in my clothes and can feel the difference when I run. I didn’t gain it all in a few months and I sure won’t lose it in a few months. But it will all be worth it when I reach my goal!

My first half-marathon!

Today was a very a special day. I will remember it for a very long time. Back on December 29, 2011, I registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in St. Petersburg. I was determined to do it. I walked and ran in preparation. I expected to walk most of it and run what I could.

This past week was full of anticipation. It was all I could think about. After I picked up my bib, shirt, and swag bag on Friday – I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. This was the weekend I would finally become a half-marathoner. All day yesterday, I wanted the day to pass quickly so I could go to sleep and wake up this morning. Like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting oh-so impatiently for Christmas Day.

The alarm went off at 4am this morning and I was ready to go. I showered, dressed, ate a good breakfast, got my stuff together, and we were out the door at 5:20am to beat the traffic to Tropicana Field in St. Pete. The only thing I was worried about was the weather. IT. WAS. FREEZING. With the wind chill it felt like it was in the 30’s and it was windy. I was shivering all the way to my bones. I started out in 2 shirts, a jacket, and gloves.

Finally it was time. The first corral started at 7:30. I was in Corral 12 based on what I thought my finishing time would be. We had to finish in 4 hours and I projected 3:25. We started at 7:46:23 am. Within the first mile, I could not contain myself and I started running. I ran off an on through the whole race. I wasn’t running to beat others or to finish by a certain time. I was just running because I could and because I was on an adrenaline high. This was the farthest mileage I’d ever put in where I was running a good portion of it. I’m not a fast runner, but I run.

Hubby received texts on his phone as I crossed certain points: 5k, 10k, 10 mile, and finish. I saw him three times during my run – right at the start,  the 5k mark, and at the finish line. He took some great photos for me.

There were bands and music throughout and lots of wonderful people cheering us on, handing out water and Gatorade. It all kept me going.

By the 5k mark, I was ready to take my jacket off, as I had finally warmed up. The gloves would stay on the rest of the way.

At about the halfway point, I realized that I was really going to do this. I was going to finish this and finish it good. For me. It was very emotional experience. I cried many times during for many reasons…. This was a HUGE thing for me, it was HARD, and I was so proud of myself for taking it on, and riding out the determination of doing it as the weeks passed leading up to it. I didn’t let my insecurities get in the way or focus on all the what-ifs, and my downfalls. I cried from the sheer beauty of the route, especially as we ran along the water. I cried because I knew there would be so many people who would be proud of me for accomplishing this. And I cried because I wished more than anything Daddy was here to hear all about it, to tell me how proud he was of me.

When I hit the 10-mile mark, it felt SO close. Never had 3.11 miles felt so far or so close all at once. When the route was closest to the finish line and I could here the music and people cheering, it made me want to push myself farther and harder. When I rounded the last corner in mile 12 and saw the 13 mile mark and the finish line just past that, I was in tears again. I was so close to finishing, so close to completing this goal I had set for myself.

I saw hubby just before the finish line and that made me cry more. He was there for me as he always is. He supports me and I love him dearly for it.

Crossing over the finish line was a blur. My official finish time was 3:11:33, coming in 6503 out of 7006. I was handed a medal, given a blanket, a bottle of water, and a banana. My picture was taken with my medal on. It was then that I realized I had not stopped my watch. I texted hubby to tell him I was waiting in the family area and waited. When I finally saw him, I was so excited. And then, I saw my mom and Jenna! What a surprise that was. I had just texted my mom to tell her I had finished. I had no clue they were there, even though I found out afterwards that they were standing right by hubby at the finish line. Me and my tunnel vision…

Again I was crying, overwhelmed at finishing, seeing hubby, and seeing my mom and Jenna. they had balloons, and were so proud of me. It was a moment I will not forget.

The day could not have gone more perfect. I started the race with my good friend Terrie, knowing that she was doing it in honor of two very special people as part of Team In Training. I ended the race, feeling extremely proud and strong and loved. And I was so excited to hug Terrie and enjoy the moment with her, knowing we both finished. We did it.

The afternoon was topped off perfectly with a great lunch, with Nick and Autumn joining us. I am exhausted and sore beyond belief, but it is still a wonderful thing. And tomorrow, the 13.1 decal will go on my car. Finally.

Terrie and I in the freezing cold this morning. Brrrr!

Starting line!

At the 5K mark.

A beautiful day for a half-marathon.

What a view!

Approaching the finish line - determined!

So excited to see everyone!


Feeling very accomplished! Terrie and I did it!!

A well-deserved beer at the end!

Starting over, again.

Today I did what I’ve been needing to do for awhile. There was no more denying my clothes not fitting like they used to, or my inability to control my appetite and how much I was eating. I needed something to keep me line since I can’t seem to do it myself. I went back to Weight Watchers.

There is nothing like getting on the scale knowing it’s going to read a number that is higher than you want it to be. Finding out just how high it is is even worse. I am all about being open and honest here on my blog, but for now, I don’t want to admit what I weighed in at. It’s higher than I’ve been in many many years and I don’t like it. Not. One. Bit.

It’s that kind of anger and frustration that I need to get me off my butt and do something about it. And I am the only one who can do it. I am excited about following the new PointsPlus program and see what all it has to offer. I am excited to plan my meals and have that structure that I need to stay on point.

I didn’t stop going to Weight Watchers because I wanted to. I stopped going because when I got busy at work and needed every minute I could to do what I needed to and was bringing work home to do in the evenings, the easiest thing to give up to make time for that was my time at WW and working out. All of a sudden, my Friday mornings were spent wherever I had surveys or permitting or customer meetings, so I wasn’t able to go to my WW meeting. When I would get home from work, instead of putting on my running shoes the minute I got home and running out the door, I was sitting down at my dining room table to continue to work on whatever I brought home with me. I was also eating whatever was quick and easy. All of this added up to extra pounds for me. Nobody’s fault but mine. I didn’t like it but I was doing what had to be done. This is where I need to find balance. I work to hard at work to keep things busy and I can’t let being busy control my every minute and affect my wellness.

A good friend is doing WW too. I look forward to sharing recipes, thoughts, motivation, and more with her. I also just last night read a post on Colleen Bee Fit’s blog about how she just reached her Lifetime weight goal. What an inspiration she is! Her before and after photos are incredible and she is so amazing. I guarantee you when I walked back in to Weight Watchers this morning, I was thinking about her meeting her goal. I want to again feel that excitement of getting to my goal weight and I want to br proud of myself for working my butt off.

It won’t be easy. Lord knows my body doesn’t respond like it used to. But nothing worth having is easy. It’ll be hard to not eat everything in site and have to really limit those glasses of wine I so enjoy. On the flipside, I will enjoy foods that I love and I will be taking better care of myself. In return, I look forward to feeling better not only about how I look, but also about how I feel. I don’t like being achy and sore all the time. My body is telling me something. And finally, I am listening. That is a very empowering thing.

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey. Any support I can get is important to me and will motivate me to keep plugging away at this, one pound at a time, however long it takes.

Saturday randomness

What a nice day this has been so far! My morning started with a 7.88 mile training walk with my sister-in-law Jenna. She is doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure walk in October and has training walks pretty often. I did one with her a few weeks ago, 6 miles. Today’s was just short of 8 miles and we ROCKED IT! I really enjoy walking with Jenna… We keep a great pace together and there is always plenty to talk about. Here’s a picture from this morning when we finished…. You can tell that I was super sweaty and icky and I felt totally gross when done, but it was worth it. And can I just say, for the record, that I love how my shoulders are starting to look again. After looking at this picture again, it makes me feel good to know the hard work and effort I am putting out is paying off.

Me and Jenna
After our walk we went to Starbucks (the big green logo behind us gave that one away) for a much needed caffeine fix for me. Jenna had TWO passion iced teas. I think that is awesome. Even better, the passion tea is pink, perfect color for the cause.
After going home for a much needed shower, I had suddent motivation to not only go grocery shopping but also to the produce market. The amount of money you can save at the produce market is crazy. We are fortunate to have one about two miles away and it’s great. I went there first to stock up… Baking potatoes, green cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, apples, plums, and fresh garlic. Then it was off to the grocery store. I got stuff to make WW 0-point garden vegetable soup, always good to have on hand, and some shrimp to make a new WW recipe. Mmmmm, can’t wait to make it.
I spent the last 2 hours in the kitchen making the soup, putting all my groceries away, and making devils food spice cupcakes. SUPER easy to make, just mix with a can pf pure pumpkin and bake. They are super moist and fewer points since there is no egg or oil. I put buttercream icing on half of them for my hubby so he can get his sweet tooth fix but left mine plain. De-lish!!
There is laundry going now and I foresee a nap in my future. I’m going to curl up with my book and I bet within a short time I fall asleep. I have been a busy girl today!
I hope you are all  having a GREAT Saturday!!

I *heart* walking!

I went for my first long walk in 2 weeks. Being sick and just plain old life got in the way. It took me days to get over being sick and then some to really feel like myself again so I did nto walk until Wednesday. That was on the treadmill because even then I dreaded being out in the heat and humidity of the afternoon. Yesterday morning we took the dogs to the park for a walk. That was nice but my walks with them are much slower (since they have to stop and smell everything…). So this morning after we ran a few errands, I decided it was my time to get back out there and do what I do best – and what I so enjoy.

I love to walk. I am thankful for my strong legs to get me where I need to go and to allow me to walk farther ad faster as I need to. I walked a pretty good pace, 15:24 which means I finished 3.11 miles in 48:01. Not my fastest to date but still very good.

I love the feel of the sunshine on my shoulders. I think the sun is a drug, the more I get it, the more I want it.

I sweat my ass off today. There is nothing pretty about walking in the heat of summer in Florida and when I’m done, I am a disgusting mess. But man it feels good. And it makes me want to walk more. It’s funny how the more I walk, the more I want to walk. But when I miss a day or two, it can be harder to get back to it.

I am hopeful to get a walk in tomorrow morning.

It’s like a drug

After a great walk / run last Saturday, I skipped Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Sunday got away from me without it happening and Monday and Tuesday were busy work days and I was beat by the time I got home. EXCUSES, I know. By the time yesterday evening got here, I told hubby I HAD to go and walk. It was a necessity. So off I went. And man it felt great.

I set my super cool Nike+ GPS app on my handy dandy iPhone for a 5k and off I went. I had finally loaded some music on my phone and imported it into the app and enjoyed having music in my ears while I walked my little heart out. Back a few years ago, my last time on WW, when I was running alot, I would pick an artist randomly and whenever one of their songs came on, I would run. For yesterday, my artist of choice was System of a Down, what I like to refer to as my rage music. Wouldn’t you know, several of their songs played for me so I got some good running in. My heart was pounding and I was a hot sweaty mess but it was great.

I can honestly say that walking / running is like a drug to me. No other exercise has that effect on me. I can be in the worst mood or stressed out or whatever, but when I’m done with my walk, I am a different person. So when I said yesterday that I needed to walk, I meant it.

Having only walked 3 days since my last weigh-in last Friday, we’ll see how tomorrow’s weigh-in goes. I don’t really have any gut feelings on it right now. I’ve been keeping up with my 64 oz. of water a day which I know has been a big help. We will see tomorrow morning!!

Double time!

I have rediscovered my love of TaeBo. I used to do TaeBo when I first did WW in 2006. It along with walking / running were my go to workouts to get the most bang for my buck. I would do TaeBo in the morning and walk/run in the afternoon. Eventually that dedication to working out stopped when life got in the way and the TaeBo DVDs were put away.

I’ve pulled them out a few times over the past couple years. It doesn’t do much of anything when it’s done sporadically and I never really got back into it.

Last week I pulled the DVDs out again. Cardio Circuit 1 is 36 minutes long and Cardio Circuit 2 is 53 minutes long. To me, the 36 minute one is a little more intense and challenging, but I enjoy both. I did Cardio Circuit 1 last week and had set a goal to do it twice a week. That plan fell through last week so I gave it another go this week.

Yesterday I did Cardio Circuit 2, the 53 minute one, to see if I could still do it, the whole thing. And I did. Not only did I do it, but I enjoyed it. And I was so pumped when I finished, that I then walked for 2.75 miles afterwards.

All day today, I kept thinking about doing it again when I got home. To me, this is exciting. It’s that drive and motivation I had before and it thrills me to have that feeling. So the minute I got home, I changed and popped in the DVD. 53 minutes passed just like that. I definitely felt it more than I did yesterday and it was a little more of a challenge, but it was great. And again, I walked afterwards. Today I walked 2.25 miles.

For those of you who have never done TaeBo, I highly recommend it. I am not very coordinated so for me to be able to do it, that’s huge! (haha) And Billy Blanks is very motivating. The DVDs I have are 5 years old and I have not checked out any of the newer ones, but I imagine they are similar.

I am excited to find that drive ands motivation that I was struggling to find for so long. I hope that it takes me far in this journey I am on.

Dare I post these?

As I have become quite the blog-follower as of lately, I see alot of progress photos and I think it’s great way to keep track of changes to your body during your weight loss journey. I had my hubby take some photos of me last week and I’ve been wanting to post them but have not had the nerve. That leads me to this post…

Of course I need to post them, that is why I am here! That’s why I’m sharing my journey on here for anyone who is interested. If I liked the way I look and feel in my skin now, I wouldn’t be taking these steps to a better me. So, I am going to post them. I don’t like them, it’s upsetting to see, and I will be glad when I have better ones to post soon.

When I first joined WW back in Jan. 2006, it was all because of a picture of myself that I just could not get out of my head. One that I would look at and think, who is that?? I find myself in that position again, 5 years later. Who is this in these photos? It’s not me… It’s not the girl who a few years ago felt great in her skin or enjoyed wearing cute capris and tank tops. This girl wants to hide behind clothes that are too big. 

Having lost 8.6 lbs. just 4 weeks into this journey has me motivated to keep going. These photos motivate me as well. Sharing these photos with anyone who sees them on here, motivates me ALOT.