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A Dance Recital!

My 4 year old niece, Autumn, had a dance recital today. She takes dance classes at Suncoast Academy of Dance in Clearwater – a once a week class that she loves. Her recital today has been a long time coming. It actually took place at Ruth Eckerd Hall and after attending it today, I now know why. It. Was. Packed. I never realized there were so many students who took dance. My mom, Autumn’s Grandmommy, was there and Jenna’s mom, (Mema to Autumn) also flew out from Seattle to attend the recital!

My hubby couldn’t be there today, but he had a beautiful flower bouquet put together for Autumn. She loves, loves, loves pink. The bouquet was beautiful and it was so fragrant!

autumn recital flowers

Prior to the recital, I saw her before she went backstage. She was dressed in an adorable white tutu with silver sequins and she could not have been more adorable.

autumn pre recital

They program was great, it listed every song and the dancer’s names for each song for both acts.

autumn recital program edit

The little girls (all girls except one boy), were so cute. The outfits were perfect for the theme and the songs. It was cuteness overload. Although I have to admit, that Autumn was the most adorable one there. You knew I was going to say that, right?

I had a hard time getting good pictures in the low lighting they had there…

autumn recital 2

In this photo (above), Autumn is 6th from the left…

autumn recital 3

In this photo (above), Autumn is 5th from the left…

After Act 1 was complete, we went outside to wait while Jenna picked up Autumn from backstage. Autumn was pretty much done at this point. Smile I think she was hot and tired. But she did a great job!

jenna autumn recital

nick autumn recital 1

nick autumn recital 2

autumn after recital flowers

I tried to get a picture of Autumn with the flowers from Uncle Mike but she wasn’t too happy about it. It’s okay, though. I’m sure she enjoyed them when she got home. They sure did smell good!

It was a great afternoon and I’m so glad I was able to go and watch my sweet, adorable niece in her first recital.



This weekend we had our niece Autumn over for a sleepover.

We went to the mall for fun on the playground, dinner, and ice cream – and brain freeze!

Autumn is full of laughter and silliness and she is the sweetest little 4 year old I know.

I love her laughter filling the house and how she loves to help.

I love her happy good morning face.

I love that she is so comfortable in our house, refers to the guest room as “her room”.

 She knows that when she stays over we will walk to the park that’s across the street.

We are so lucky to have such a bond with this amazing little girl.