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Thoughts on Thursday

This morning on my way to work, I stopped at Starbucks. My newest obsession there s the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. Oh. My. Gosh. It is so yummy and well, refreshing! It’s actually made with Green Coffee Extract, basically taken from a coffee bean while it’s still green, before they are roasted. It has no coffee flavor whatsoever (which I do love), low calories, and NO fat. This drink is perfect for summertime. I even like it better than the Passion Tea Lemonade. One of the things I like the most about it is the whole blackberries they put in it. This drink lasts me a couple hours – as it melts down, I add more ice and it’s still just as yummy. I was enjoying it so much this morning, I had to document it…

071912 sbux refresher


In my email today, I received the first two weeks of workouts for the Best Body Bootcamp 2 that starts on Monday. I am really impressed by all the information and how thorough it is. Well worth the $25 entry fee. I printed out everything, including screenshots of the exercises, and I put it all in a binder. No searching for any of it when I need it, I know right where it is. And because I’m kind if a geek, I out it all in a binder and even made a nifty cover for the front of it. I can’t wait to get started.

071912 bbb binder


After having rain off and on everyday this week, I decided to skip out of work a little bit early so I could get home and walk. I decided to take Blue and Ozzie to the park with me. We made it 2 miles before they were ready to keel over and die, but they had a fun time. They so love the park and there is much excitement when we’re getting ready to go. It seemed to take forever to get out the door, and the 2 miles took a really long time to walk with all the stop and start. But I am positive that I also got an upper body workout at the same time. It can be a bit challenging to walk 2 dogs.

071912 happy ozzie

071912 happy boys

071912 tired boys

071912 walk proof


Since I like to do at least 3 miles, when we got home from the park, I jumped on the treadmill. I was all hot and sweaty and decided to push myself. I did 1 mile on an incline of 10. Holy quads, did I feel that. It was awesome. I was definitely #fitfluential today!

071912 treadmill proof


Hubby is working late tonight so I was on my own for dinner. I decided to cook some lean ground beef, zucchini, and onion. It was very tasty and filling.

071912 dinner


I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. As always, I am so ready for the weekend. I need some down time and I hope to get some more miles in !


Trying to be #fitfluential

Last Saturday, something clicked in my brain and I got off my lazy butt and went walking. Yeah, it’s too hot to run, but I snuck a little bit of that in also as my walk turned into more of a run. I ran when I felt like it and walked when I needed to, and it felt great. The last mile was definitely more walking than running (thank you Florida heat and humidity), but I still did it.

That set off 5 days straight of moving, of not sitting on my butt being lazy just thinking about doing what I need to do. Doing what I should have been doing for the last couple of months. Who knows why I stop working out… All I have are excuses – busy at work, bringing work home with me, too much going on, stressed, or I just don’t want to. I cannot do that, I just can’t. I feel better when I give myself the time to do something. Walking or running for 45 minutes or so and ending up a hot sweaty mess makes me feel so good. The sweatier, the better. And if I wake up the next morning and actually notice the muscles in my legs? Well, that’s a bonus.

I was outside Saturday and Sunday, mid-morning before it got to be unbearable hot. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I had to do the treadmill thanks to the the lovely afternoon thunderstorms we’ve had.

I did at least 3.11 miles every day for the last 5 days. Today is a rest day.


fitfluential 1fitfluential 2fitfluential 3fitfluential 4fitfluential 5


I am trying to be #fitfluential. Many of the bloggers I follow, are #fitfluential and motivate me every time they post about their workouts and more. I want to be that person that motivates people. I want to reap the benefits of being active AND motivate other people at the same time.

If you visit, you will see that they are all about the whole package. As they say, “FitFluential is the perfect combination of fitness and influence.” They focus on 4 areas of balance – Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy.  I. Love. This.

As I plan out the end of the year, with a half-marathon, a 10k, and a 5k in my sights, I need to stay on top of things from here on out. I need to take care of myself and keep moving. I need to focus more on eating better. #fitfluential will be my ticket to this balance!

So tell me, who wants to be #fitfluential with me?

True Confessions Tuesday

It has been a long time since I’ve done a True Confessions post, since April 10, to be exact. Which means, I have A LOT to confess to! Let’s start with these…

  • I CONFESS I have just gotten back into what I hope is a regular routine for working out. I don’t know why I let myself slip so badly. Despite the guilt I feel in not doing it, it still isn’t enough sometimes to get me moving again. I wish I could figure it out.
  • I CONFESS I need to make changes to my eating as well. Some aspects of it are good – I’m drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of fruits and veggies. My biggest downfall is portion control. I am still trying to be that person who doesn’t have to be on a “diet” or specific weight loss program. Clearly that isn’t working for me, but I am determined to somehow figure out a happy medium and make better choices.
  • I CONFESS that I am highly frustrated with myself and my lack of motivation over the last several months. I set a goal for myself to log 600 miles on dailymile running and walking for the year and I am WAY off where I should be at this point. But beating myself up over it isn’t going to help it, so I just need to keep it up and make up for lost time.
  • I CONFESS that I am not a fan of riding a bike, I really just DON’T like it. But, I have been thinking about it lately, that it may be good to add to my routine. And I’m not sure what I think will be different about it this time than in the past. I can walk for hours and not feel winded or out of shape, but if I ride a bike for 15 minutes, I’m done. And I hate that.
  • I CONFESS that I have gotten lost in my brain far too many times this past week. I get anxious at times and then I start to think things and it’s a downward spiral from there and before I know it, I’m lost in my brain. It’s the reason I wrote the letter to myself on Sunday. I have to dig myself out before I am too far gone sometimes. It’s best for my overall wellness.

 Yep, no shortage of confessions in my world today. I hope that saying these out loud (so to speak) will help keep me a little more accountable to myself.

A Letter To Myself

Dear me,

You are a wonderful person and you are stronger than you know. You take care of those you love and you do the best that you can in everything you do.

So then, why do you doubt yourself? Why do you feel like you can always do more or do better? Why do you feel so fragile? You cannot let fear and your insecurities get the best of you. You must not focus on the negatives, but rather direct that energy to all the positives in your life. Letting the negatives get the best of you only sends your fragile state of mind reeling. 

You know how good you feel when you do something for yourself, when you put yourself first. You seem to fall into the trap of not taking care of yourself when you are stressed out. There will always be something stressful going on, you have to decide how best to manage that stress and not let it get the best of you.

Yesterday, you made the decision to go for a walk and that walk turned into running. You ran when you felt like it and walked when you needed to. After not running for far too many weeks, you did pretty good despite the heat. You should not be so hard on yourself and just enjoy the moment.

Do you remember how you felt when you ran your first half-marathon? You felt like you could do anything – and you can. You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. It’s the reason you signed up for another half-marathon, to feel that enormous sense of accomplishment in completing something you never thought you would do.

If you are not happy about how you feel or how you look, YOU are the only one who can do something about it, YOU are the only one who can make the right choices and change. You’ve done it before, you can do it again.

Life is too short to be stressed out about things. You cannot control everything and there is no sense in worrying about the things that you know are out of your control. Focus on YOURSELF and the rest will fall into place.



Let’s get moving!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Sunday. What a crazy week it turned out to be. Tropical Storm Debby just about drowned us and almost blew us away, finally leaving on Wednesday. Good riddance! On Tuesday, our A/C went out at home. Having to live without A/C in the summer in Florida is brutal. I don’t even want to get into that whole long story, but after 4 days of having no a/c, taking the dogs to work with me, and staying at my MILs house (very thankful we were all able to camp out there!), we FINALLY got our A/C working again yesterday.

It was my intention to be lazy inside the cool house today after the week I had. But as I was laying around reading this morning, that little voice in my head kept telling me to get up off my butt and get outside and move. So I listened. And instead of heading over to the park, I decided it was the perfect day to drive to the Memorial Causeway, just about 8 minutes from my house, and walk over to Clearwater Beach. Sometimes, it’s fun to play tourist and I never get tired of the beautiful scenery that we are so lucky to have right here in our own backyard.

It was gorgeous outside and the sun felt great on my shoulders (and my face which is now sunburn – oops!). It was definitely hot, but the view and the smell of the salty air made up for it.

Clwtr Bch 063012 1

This is my favorite bridge to walk over!


Clwtr Bch 063012 2

Isn’t the view toward the beach amazing?


Clwtr Bch 063012 3

That looks like fun!!


Clwtr Bch 063012 4

This is the boat my brother and sister-in-law got married on in 2003.


Clwtr Bch 063012 5

Beautiful Clearwater Beach



Clwtr Bch 063012 6

New Hooters and Ron Jon Surf Shop!


Clwtr Bch 063012 7

These people have the right idea.


Clwtr Bch 063012 8

I love my Gizmo to hold my key and ID.


Clwtr Bch 063012 9

Headed back to my car.


Clwtr Bch 063012 10

Proof of a great walk. 5.39 miles in 1:36


Clwtr Bch 063012 11

This salad was soooo good after my walk!


The rest of my day will be grocery shopping, cooking a nice dinner for hubby and I, and hopefully more reading. Now that I’ve shut up that little voice in my head, I can read without interruption. It really was a nice walk and I’m so glad I got out there and did it. I have to keep this body moving and just do it.

Tomorrow, hubby will be home so we’ll get to spend the day together. Yay!

What fun things are you doing this weekend?

Half-Marathon Training

My next – and second – half-marathon will be in November. It is my goal to do the Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg on Sunday November 18, 2012.

This course is very similar to the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon I did on February, my first. I can still remember that day so vividly and I literally had a runner’s high for days afterwards. I laughed, cried, ran, and walked my way through those 13.1 miles, finishing in 3:11:33, a good 13+ minutes before my estimated 3:25 finish.

The moment I finished, I knew I had to do another. I have my sights set on the Women’s Half with hopes of beating my previous time, even by just a little bit.

The trick now is to pick a training plan. From what I see, training plans vary from 12-19 weeks, perhaps longer. I like the run/walk method of Jeff Galloway as I don’t know that I can ever be a full-time runner. It is hard for me. I push myself and try my hardest, but it does not come easy for me. Honestly, while so many people finish in the 2+ hour mark (and they are all my heros), I would be happy finishing my next one in just under 3:00. As in 2:59 would make me a happy girl.

Here’s my problem… Summer is here. And summer in Florida SUCKS. It’s hot and humid. I can walk out my front door in the morning and instantly start sweating. The thought of running in it is very overwhelming. Running in the heat is so different than running in the cooler weather. I just can’t do it for long. If I do a 19-week training plan, that puts me starting mid-July (YIKES!). If I do a 12-week training plan, it’s early -September. I did not follow a training plan for my first, but if I want to set a PR, I know I need to train for this one. So… what should I do? Also, what kind of strenth training should I incorporate?

I welcome advice from runners and any input you might have. I know there are books out there, but I love to heard first-hand experience. Thanks so much!

It happens every year!

It’s happened again. Just like it does every year. I have been bitten by the sunshine bug. It happened Saturday, when I walked in the afternoon for 4 miles, in the hot Florida sun. It was hot and I sweat my butt off, but man, the sunshine felt fantastic on my shoulders. Of course I was red that night and the next day because my shoulders have not seen the sun in awhile.

So today, I got home a little early from work and what did I do? I threw on my most comfy Nike pants, my tank top, laced up my shoes, and headed out into the heat – AGAIN. I found myself craving the sunshine.

The sunshine may be what gets me through my not-being-able-to-run-in-the-heat phase. Mentally, I have a real issue with not being able to run in the heat. And before you tell me to suck it up and just do it, I can’t. I’ve tried. it just does not work out. I may try from time to time because I’m stubborn like that, but it is like trying to run while I am being strangled. That’s the best way to describe it. It’s not mental, it’s physical.

So, I have to learn to be okay with walking during the hot months. And I think my love of the sun will help me with that. My fear is that I won’t be able to start running again. But I have to remember that I didn’t run all of last year and started up again, and even did my first half-marathon. I must have faith in myself.

And, I actually walked twice today! We walked the dogs at the park this morning and while it’s not the fastest walk, I totally count the mileage. I was moving and if you’ve ever walked not one but TWO Aussies, you know that can be a workout. This morning’s mileage was 1.3 miles in 37 minutes. This afternoon, I did 3.72 miles in 1:03… See? Here’s my proof:

walk proof 051512 pm

Do you enjoy the sunshine? What other outdoor activities do you enjoy in the hot summer months?

Friday Fun

TGIF! Somehow I survived the week. YAY!!!

I was on the road all day and finished earlier than I thought given the distance we had to travel. So to get home around 2 was a real bonus for a Friday afternoon. When I got home, I decided to take Blue and Ozzie to the park. They LOVE the park and they love walks. I was a little concerned about the heat, but figured with the shade in the park they’d be fine. They stopped a few times to take a break so we headed home after about 30 minutes. Total distance walked: 1.37 miles in 42:41. They have to stop and smell and/or pee on everything. They are such boy dogs.

See how happy they are?!

They HAVE to walk right next to each other. I love it.

After I walked them, I decided that I was going to go back out myself and run. I’ve been complaining about the heat and wondering how I’m going to deal with it. I figured today was as good as day as any to get out there and see what happens. Worst case, I’d end up walking. Yea…. That’s exactly what happened. I ran 1:1 for the first 11 minutes and then I walked for much of the rest of the 3.11 mile route. I would run every once in awhile, but it was mostly a walk. It was just too damn hot out there and I wasn’t going to be stupid about it.

Running is not a pretty sport.

Once I realized this was turning into more of a walk than a run, I decided to take advantage of this time and take photos of the pretty sites I saw. I absolutely love our park and it just never gets old. There is always something that catches my eye while I’m there and I have to take a picture of it. Here’s what I liked today:

Pretty trees…

I saw a turtle too!

I ended up running / walking 3.11 miles in 46:51. I guess it’s not terribly bad. See, here’s my proof!


Despite the heat, it really was fun to get out there. I love the sunshine and it felt great on my shoulders. I just have to find a way to run in the heat. This is Florida afterall and it will be hot. Oi.

Have you done anything fun today?

Sunday Stuff {and an upcoming giveaway!}

The last few weekends, I’ve posted on Sundays about delicious recipes I was trying or that I enjoyed. This Sunday, I am actually not doing any cooking. I still have yet to grocery shop and I’m contemplating not even doing it today. I chose to go for a walk this morning instead, and hubby joined me which rarely happens and is a real treat when it does. Later, we are going out to dinner for my mom’s birthday, so I won’t be cooking dinner. Since I’m not cooking anything today, I decided I would share the recipe for Whoopie Pies that I tried last Sunday.

First things first, here are a few pictures from last night. My mom and I went to The Beach Boys concert at The Straz Center in Tampa. It was a fun concert, great music, and my mom had a great time as part of her birthday weekend.

This morning, we started the day with a walk over the Memorial Causeway to Clearwater Beach. I don’t think I will every tire of the views here in Florida. Between the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the water, and more, we are so lucky to live here. It’s easy to take it for granted, but how could the scenery for a walk get any better thank this? I even took a panoramic photo with a nifty app on my iPhone.



{upcoming giveaway!}

I am VERY close to hitting 100 followers on Twitter and expect it to happen this week. When it does, I will be hosting a giveaway here for Love Grown Foods Oat Clusters & Love. I’ve had the privelege to try them out thanks to a giveaway I won on a great blog I follow. I was then contacted by Love Grown Foods and they sent me a box of goodies to share. So I now have the chance to have a giveaway of my own and spread the LOVE. Be sure to watch for the upcoming post on that!

And finally, here is the Whoopie Pie recipe, which is taken from the Best Darn Food Ever! WW cookbook. If you happen to have it, it’s on page 221.

Whoopie Pies – 5 Points Plus value – Makes 18*

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 1 large egg white
  • 1/2 cup low-fat (1%) milk
  • 3/4 cup marshmallow creme

1. Place oven racks in upper and lower thirds of oven and preheat overn to 425F

2. Whisk together flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt in small bowl

3. With electric mixer on medium speed, beat suagr, butter, oil, and egg white in medium bowl until light and fluffy. Reduce mixer speed to low. Beat in flour mixture just until blended then stir in milk just until blended. Drop batter by spoonfuls onto large ungreased baking sheets, making total of 36 cookies.

4. Bake until tops of cookies spring back when lightly pressed, 5-7 minutes. Let cool completely on baking sheets on wire racks.

5. Spoon 2 teaspoons marshmallow creme on bottoms of 18 cookies. Cover with remaining cookies.

Here’s a reminder of how fabuslous they came out….



A funny story about this morning’s walk…

Yesterday, my SIL Jenna texted me and asked if I wanted to walk this morning, a “training” walk with the fabulous ladies of Thanks For The Mammories, the 3-Day team we are a part of. I said YES!!! It had been far to long since we joined in a walk with them, plus I hadn’t seen Jenna in a bit so it would be a perfect Saturday morning.I got there a few minutes early and took a picture of the pretty sunset coming up over Tampa Bay. Then Jenna arrived. And no one else did. We sat there for a few minutes and then checked the email. OOPS! The walk is tomorrow, Sunday. NOT TODAY!! Ha! Ha! It was pretty amusing. But we walked anyway. The plan was 5 miles and that’s exactly what we did.

Despite the humidity and the sidewalks still torn up from construction, it was a very nice walk. It’s always nice to catch-up with Jenna and have girl time! We walked 5 miles and ended it with a delicious breakfast at Paradise Restaurant. I had French toast, eggs over easy, bacon, and a glass of ice water with lemon. It was de-lish!

While we were at Paradise, we also ran into our friend Debbie who walked last year. We had just been talking about her, saying how we missed her and need to catch up with her. We walked in the restaurant, and there she was, having breakfast with her husband.

So, we got a great walk in AND have a funny story to tell about it. Good times! We missed seeing all the other ladies, but we’ll see them soon, I’m sure.

Sunrise over Tampa Bay

Doesn’t the water look so peaceful?

5 miles done!

Fountain in Safety Harbor

So pretty!