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A little something different…

The past week, I’ve had to stick close to home to be near Blue as he has a wound that is having a heck of a time healing. Trying to keep a 2-year-old Aussie reasonably calm is well, just about impossible. He’s bandaged and is wearing the cone of shame. Keeping the bandage in place is not easy. But, because I am the mommy he loves oh so much, if I am near him, he is mostly calm. He likes to snuggle, it makes him happy.

Because of this ordeal, I have not been running. When I got home yesterday afternoon, hubby asked if I was going to go run. I said NO. How was I supposed to when I have to keep Mr. Saucy Pants calm? Leaving right after I just got home is a sure-fire way to get him all wound up when he shouldn’t be. No thank you. But then I started to feel guilty. I have to do something, I have to be creative.

Fortunately this past weekend, I cleaned our spare bedroom and uncovered the treadmill. I haven’t used the treadmill in ages. I used to love the treadmill and I went on it all the time. Then I decided I enjoyed the outdoors much better and it made me feel better. I keep the treadmill for times like this, when I have to use it as it’s my only option. Or if it’s raining a lot which it can do here in the summertime.

Couple things about me and the treadmill. I can’t just get on it and go. I have to either read a magazine or a book, which slows me down and I get a headache. Or I have to watch TV. Music in my ears won’t even do the trick. Staring at the wall in front of me does nothing and it makes it drag on forever. We used to have a TV and DVD player in that room and I watched all 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.for the umpteenth million time at one point during my treadmill days. But alas, the TV is gone from that room.

BUT!! I have a Kindle Fire and Netflix. I decided to give that a whirl and see how it goes. I selected a TV movie that we had DVR’d and that had mysteriously disappeared before I was able to watch it. Which one you ask? Stephen King’s Bag of Bones that was recently on A&E. I was all set.

I am pleased to say that I walked for an hour. Watching the movie made it fly by. I also worked up a pretty good sweat, walking at an 18:45 pace. Not super fast, but I was moving. Another thing I don’t like to do is run on the treadmill. I feel it much more in my knees when I do. So, if I’m on the treadmill, it’s all about walking.

I can’t say that I’ll use the treadmill a lot because ultimately I prefer to be outside. But until I can get back to that regularly, the treadmill is a very good option, especially with my Kindle Fire and Netflix. And honestly, I can’t wait to go on it again to finish watching part 1 of the movie and then starting part 2. I’ll have to do 3 hours on the treadmill to finish the whole thing!

Go feet go!



All I can think about this week is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon this weekend. It seems a little surreal that I am doing it. I am so excited and ready to do it!! I just watched a video of the course tour. And now, I. CAN’T. WAIT. Oh my goodness. It’s going to be a great route. If you’d like to view the course tour (the music is great!), go here:


I am going to give it my all. I’m going to do my best and enjoy every minute of it. No matter when I finish, I WILL finish. I can’t wait to get the metal. Here is what it looks like:

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon St. Petersburg, FL 2012



And after it’s all done, I can’t wait to put a 13.1 sticker on my car. Seriously. I have to have one. I will have deserved it.


True Confessions Tuesday

A few of the blogs I follow do a True Confessions Tuesday post. It’s a chance to confess to things I need to, to get things off my shoulders, hold myself accountable, or acknowledge something I need to change or well, just let the world know. Here goes…

  • I CONFESS that I did not walk Sunday, yesterday, or Tuesday. I was beyond exhausted Sunday morning and I used that as an excuse to sit around in my jammies and redo my blog before we all went out to dinner in the afternoon. Also since Sunday, we have been a vehicle short as hubby’s truck is in the shop. My morning starts earlier to take him to work and then I pick him up in the evening. So, no walking. Mind you, the last three weeks I’ve walked ALOT and I certainly don’t think it’s the end of the world that I haven’t walked the past 3 days.
  • I CONFESS that while I am SUPER excited about the half-marathon on Sunday, I am also a little bit nervous. I can walk like there’s no tomorrow and I plan to run part of it as well. The part I’m nervous about is how I’ll feel as the majority of the participants run right by, leaving me in their dust. However, I know that I will do the best that I can and will be super proud of myself for completing my first half-marathon.
  • I CONFESS that I’m still a little bit miffed that I am 40 years old. I know, it’s just a number and it shouldn’t matter. But a part of it does. It’s that little reminder how my body has failed me in a very important way.
  • I CONFESS that I LOVE Zumba. This from the person who swore she would never do it. It’s ironic, I know. I didn’t make it to class last night (due to previously mentioned vehicle issue) and I missed it. It’s fun. Whether or not I can do the moves, I am still out there moving and having fun. Having a fantastic instructor (Tiffany!) and the company of my sister (Jenni!) helps also.
  • I CONFESS that I may be obsessed with my Kindle Fire. I have so many books to read on there and I keep adding to it.
  • I CONFESS that I am tired of wondering what everyone thinks of me. Sometimes I am super confident and other times I assume everyone thinks the worst of me. From here on out, I choose to not care. I am who I am and it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. Take me as I am and we’ll get along just fine.

That’s all for this week! Is there anything you’d like to confess?


Training with a friend!

The past month, my good friend Terrie and I have been meeting on Saturday’s to walk in preparation for the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon on February 12. We both knew the other was planning to do the half marathon, but it was by chance that we started getting together weekly to walk together. She has a hip injury that reared it’s ugly head and her usual training took a back seat. She just happened to get ahold of me one day and asked if I wanted to meet up with her to walk. Sure! I am so glad we did.

Since then, we have walked 5 times – three times along Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa, we did a 5K in Wesley Chapel, and last week we walked our farthest together, 11 miles over the causeway to Clearwater Beach and Sand Key.

Walking has always been a stress-reliever for me and walking with a friend is an added bonus. Just like my walks with Jenna, it is always wonderful! Terrie and I have a common goal in mind with the half marathon coming up next week. I am super excited that we will share this experience together, our first half-marathon. Whatever our finishing times are next week, we will be cheering each other on. it’s not about who will finish first or last. Even if we get separated, we will support each other to the finish line. I can’t wait!!

A few of my favorite pics from our walks….

A glorious sunrise at Ballast Point Park
in South Tampa

Memorial Causeway to Clearwater Beach
Sunrise over downtown Clearwater
View of Sand Key from Memorial Causeway
in Clearwater
View of downtown Tampa from
Ballast Point Park

Beautiful Byshore Blvd. in Tampa

I’ve been bitten…

…by the racing bug. Since signing up for the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon coming up in just 2 weeks from tomorrow, I’ve been doing alot of walking and running. Last week, I did my first “official” 5K, getting a shirt and race bib and all. I am BEYOND excited about the RNR Half Marathon, it’s just about all I can think about.

Last week I came super close to signing up for the Gasparilla Distance Classic Race weekend in Tampa in March. There was a promotion at Sports Authority, if you spend $85 in Nike running gear, you get free registration for certain events. I knew it would be going on this week as well, so I decided to think about it. Today, after our 11-mile training walk which went FANTASTIC, I decided I would splurge a little and buy some new running gear and get that free registration for the 8K on Sunday March 4. I bought a pair of super cool pants, a pair of shorts, a super light top, and a nifty water belt. I am all set and I will look fantastic doing it!

Super cool event shirt I got for registering for the 8K!

I am so excited about taking the time for myself and making the commitment to do these races. I certainly won’t be the fastest or the best, but I will be out there doing it and giving it MY best shot. I am extremely proud of myself for doing this. I CAN DO IT!

Dear Weight Watchers…

Dear Weight Watchers,

Once again you have proven to me how the program DOES work. After going back to your meeting last week and committing myself to making it work, I jumped back in with both feet, making smart decisions whether I was eating at home or out, testing my willpower in some instances (i.e., no chips and salsa at Chili’s!), and making new recipes that I have enjoyed all week long. I never once felt deprived or hungry or like I was missing out on something, even when choosing not to have the evil delicious chips and salsa at Chili’s. To me, the points weren’t worth it. I stuck to my points, walked a total of 24 miles since last Thursday, drank a lot of water, and took my vitamins.

Needless to say, I had high hopes when I went to the meeting this morning and got on the scale. Since last night I was thinking “oh no, what if despite all my hard work this week I didn’t lose anything?” You never know with my body anymore. But, I was proven very wrong and I was very happy when I stepped on the scale and saw a 4 pound loss. GO ME!!!!

I walked out of there feeling very empowered, happy to have some sort of control over my body again after it has had a mind of it’s own the last several months. I have a long road ahead of me and a lot of hard work to get it back to where I want to be, my “happy weight”. But seeing that loss this morning tells me I CAN DO IT. My hard work will not go unnoticed.

It’s only a matter of time that I will be more comfortable in my clothes and feel better in my skin. Thank you for once again showing me that I can eat healthy and enjoy it and that I don’t need all that bad stuff that does nothing for me except stick to my hips.


Health and Wellness Goals for 2012

Happy New Year! Happy 2012!! I am happy to have a fresh start. Something about a new year that makes me feel like I have a chance to start over and get it right, yet again.

I hate to use the word resolutions, so I am going to use the word goals. I have a few health and wellness-related goals, and what better place to put them then here, where anyone can see them. I am all about accountability, so here goes.

1) Be nicer to myself in 2012. This is a hard one for me. I tend to get mad at my body for the things it can’t do and then I don’t care what I do to it. Mostly, eating. I love to eat, no surprise there, but I go through phases where I just flat out don’t care how much I eat or what I eat. Screw it, I just don’t care. Well, as fun as it is at that moment, I CAN’T DO THAT. I am fortunate to like and enjoy a lot of healthy foods and I should really focus on those more than the bad.

2) Do my best to stick to a regular walking/running routine even when I am too busy. This is another downfall of mine. When I get busy and have too much to do, my needs are the first to go. And ususally, any exercise I am currently into at the time goes out the window. It’s the easiest thing to give up because I can’t give up things like sleep, eat, take care of the dogs, etc… I CAN’T DO THAT. Everyone gets busy and it’s hard to fit everything in. I need to lose my all-or-nothing mentality and remember that even if I don’t have time for a 3-mile walk, 1-mile would be better than nothing. Over time it all adds up and it is good for my mental health.

3) Lose weight. I am having such a hard time with my weight these days. I’ll address the “how much do I need to lose” on a later post. I know metabolism slows down as you get older and I am here to tell you that is true. But I have to find a way to make it work. I can’t continue on this path of eating whatever I want, when I want because it tastes good. I CAN’T DO THAT. My short frame is not meant to be this weight. I can feel it, my body aches, and I don’t like it. I know over time with proper eating and activity it will respond. It may happen slower than it has in the past, but I am confident that I can lose the weight.

4) Do more walking/running events. After signing up for my first half marathon the other day, I am already thinking about a second one. Yes, I am an over-achiever. I would like to do TWO half-marathons in 2012 and I would like to do THREE 5Ks. Here’s the catch…. I want to run two of the 5Ks. I used to be able to run 3 miles at a time and I will get back there. I’m already looking into local events for the year.

5) Read more books. This one is totally non-health related, but it’s something I’d like to do so it falls under the wellness category. With my current Kindle Fire obsession, I have plenty to read and I want to work towards a goal of 40 books for the year.

6) Keep up with my blog as regularly as possible. I’m not sure that when people read this they enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it, but it is so fun for me to do and makes me feel better. It’s like my journal, a way to express my feelings and most of all, I can pretend to be a writer. Thank you to all who read this!

What are YOUR goals for 2012?

508 miles in 2011

With my run this morning, on the last day of the year, I can now look back at 2011 and see how
far I walked/ran. My total miles for the year….508 HOLY COW! Some of it was running, some of it was walking. Many of the higher miles was training with Jenna for the 3-Day. The most miles logged in one month was back in March when I set a goal to walk 100 miles for the month and I did 104. Here’s a nifty chart from dailymile on my mileage by month. Not too shabby.

So when I look at this and my total miles, I automatically think “I need to top this in 2012”.
I am so darn competitive with myself. So here, for all to see, I am setting a goal of 600 miles
for 2011. That’s 50 miles per month. Why not?
It was foggy this morning during my run,  but it was so pretty at the park. A few pictures
I took while there… It was a pretty nice way to end 2011!
Eagle Lake Park   12/31/11

I’m gonna do it!

Earlier in the year I mentioned wanting to do the Rock ‘N Roll 1/2 Marathon in St. Pete in February. When I stopped my running / walking routine, I thought that was now just a dream. How could I possibly do it?

I have not stopped thinking about it. Whether I’ve been running or walking or not in the past few crazy busy months, it has been on my mind. The other night it occurred to me that there is nothing stopping me from doing it. Why not? I must be crazy! This prompted me even more to get off my butt yesterday morning and go running/walking. Even after not doing it for a few months, my time was not awful.

I asked hubby if he thought I could do it and of course he said YES. (thank you honey!) If he thinks I can do it, then I know I can. And having him at the finish line, waiting for me and cheering me on will motivate me even more.

It’s 2 weeks after my 40th birthday. I can’t think of a better time to do my first 1/2 marathon. I’M GONNA DO IT!!! I may not run the whole thing, but I’ll give it my best shot and will feel very accomplished when it’s over, whatever my time may be. 2012 is going to be MY year. I’m going to do more things for myself and this seems like a pretty good way to start it.

I’m gonna do it!!

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Today’s post will focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the last few days, in no particular order.

The good…. I walked this morning, at the park. I ignored the rain clouds looming over head and headed out. I walked, didn’t run. I didn’t set my tracker for a 5K, I just set it to basic and off I went. I walked for 1 hour and 24 seconds, 3.57 miles. I walked just to walk – not to beat my previous times, not to break any records. I just walked. And it was great. Rain and all. I don’t know why I couldn’t get my butt out there these last couple of weeks when it becomes so apparent how much I enjoy it the minute I start walking.
(note to self: come back often and read this post to remind yourself how important walking is no matter what kind of funk you are in.)

The bad… I gained 2 pounds this week. Honestly, I expected it especially after missing the meeting the week prior. The meetings are great for getting me on the right foot for the new week. If I lose, it keeps me motivated to continue doing what I’m doing. If I gain, it motivates me to work harder. So, I will own these 2 pounds that are now along for the ride on my butt or hips or wherever else they decided to attach themselves.

The ugly… With the 2pounds I have gained, it puts me at a total loss of only 6.6 pounds in the whole time I’ve been back at WW. The highest my loss has been was 12.2 pounds so I have gained half of that back. This is pretty disheartening but I have to remember that it’s just not easy to lose weight and life just gets in the way. The first time I did WW, it wasn’t “easy” but it was “easier” than this time. But my body is different this time, it’s been through the ringer, poked, prodded, and more. Not to mention I’m 5 years older now. It’s just not easy. But I’m not going to give up.

The good… I am not going to let this weight loss battle beat me. I am going to keep at it, do the best I can, and know that I am doing exactly that. It may not be easy, but it will not beat me.

The bad… After re-commiting myself to tracking again on Wednesday, I fell off the wagon yesterday and didn’t track a single bit. So, I am starting over again today to try for my #7daychip. I know I can do this. I’ll pick myself back up and start again. Today is day 1.

The ugly… I overate in a big way at dinner last night. Nobody’s fault but mine. I did it and I own it. Time to move on.

The good… On Wednesday, I committed to not having Starbucks until the weekend. I successfully met that challenge and rewarded myself with one this morning. It was super yummy and I enjoyed it. I tracked it, and all is right in the world.

The good… When I went to WW yesterday, Lorraine (our fearless leader) was so happy to see me and greeted me with a hug. She said she  had been worried about me all week. That made me feel good. It’s people like her who keep those meetings going and keep us coming back. She has been in the same place we have, fought the same battles, and is there to offer her support in any way she can. Thank you Lorraine.

The good… After the WW meeting, I had a great talk with Tammy, a WW friend. We chat at each meeting, and on Facebook. We both enjoy walking, and seem to have the same struggles with time, with our bodies cooperating, and just trying to get that scale to go down. She told me she was worried about me, that I was looking a little defeated and to not give up. Our talk reminded me that it is really good to get back to basics and just keep plugging along, doing the best we can. Thank you Tammy, you’re a doll.

I might have to make this a regular post… It’s a good way to get things off my chest, things I need to face and deal with. That’s the whole point of my blog. I already have tomorrow’s post in mine, so stay tuned!